How to Prevent Your Shoes from Peeling

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Shoes make a large part of what people use to assess you. They complete our outfit and make a difference.

In addition, they also help us determine the type of occasion. For example, a pair of sneakers under jeans could be man casual, while the same jeans with heels could translate to dressy.

Regardless, shoes are essential. As such, we need to take proper care of them.

While synthetic and rubber shoes are usually easy to maintain, we can’t say the same for leather shoes.

Due to their delicate and quality material, they are prone to damage when used anyhow. One of the ways they show signs of wear is peeled skin.

This article will examine the process of preventing your shoes from peeling through simple maintenance tips. Read on to find out more.

1. Keep your shoes away from direct sunlight

Due to their fragile skin, excess heat can cook up the leather of your shoes and stretch.

After this, it will begin to peel. Some people erroneously think putting their boots in the sun will make them dry quickly, but that is wrong.

Instead, place them in a place without direct access from heat or sun. It is best to keep them in a cool and dry place.

2. Invest in shoe trees

Instead of piling up your shoes or leaving them on the rack, try using shoe trees to store them.

Shoe trees come in shape and sizes of typical shoes, which help you maintain the shape of your shoes and avoid stretching or shrinking, which leads to cracks and peeling.

3. Clean your shoes after every wear

Cleaning your shoes doesn’t mean brushing them every time. All it takes is a piece of towel to wipe off dirt and dust they might have accumulated during the day.

After this, put them in a place with access to a cool breeze to ward off any smell.

4. Don’t blow dry your shoes

It usually happens when the interior of the shoes doesn’t dry. It is normal to feel tempted to use a blow dryer, but you will be causing more damage.

The heat from the dryer performs the same function as direct sunlight. Instead, allow your shoes to air dry very well before storing them.

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