Avoid these 5 women if you want to live long

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Women to avoid: Today, our focus will be on women. As we all know that they are necessary in our lives.

I will do well not to waste our time in the course of the write-up. Straight to the business at hand.

I am quite sure you have a woman around you and you do relate. Either as a family member of as a wife.

Do you know that there are some certain women to avoid if one desires to live long.

Who are they?

1. Married Women

Do not have any love related affair to do with married women. As a man, don’t see it as an opportunity. Flee and avoid them.

They are dangerous. Though you can have them as friends but do not enter into relationship with them.

2. Prostitutes

Hmmmm . This one may sound somehow because most of our men are guilty of sleeping with prostitutes. They harbor evil spirit which may affect you in the journey of life.

3. Single Ladies

Avoid single ladies if you know you won’t end up marrying them. There is no joy in sleeping around with them. Allow the devil to rest

4. Women Who Gossip

Women who gossip can cause danger. Avoid them. If you notice one around you, stay away. They are dangerous

5. Women Who Smoke and Drink

Combining these two habits is very bad. Avoid such women for your own good. They may end up killing you

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