11 Things Parents Should Never Do In Front Of Their Children

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Parents: The goal of parenthood is to teach children how to be the best people they can be.

You should model all the virtues you respect, but be honest with them. Strength is not invincibility, and humanity is not perfection.

Trying to project a sense of perfection only shows dishonesty. Show your weaknesses, but also show how you are striving to overcome them – that is a much more valuable lesson.

Parents should only show their children behaviors in which they wish their children would imitate. However, there are some things parents should never do in front of their child(ren). Keep reading this article to find out these things.

1. They should never compare their children with others, no matter who the other guy is, his position in class, marks scored etc.

Never equate another childs achievement with your child. Every child is different in their own way. Find out and help to develop it.

2. No gossip! It’s specially for mothers who carelessly drive their children into a gossip which is 20-40 yrs ahead of their time.

It damages the brain and mentality of the children.

3. No family feuds in front of children. Never! If you have a problem with your brother or sister or your wife has with the family on your side, it’s not your children’s fault! Don’t play with their emotions and in turn, their lives.

4. Always have a progressive talk when in front of them. You as a parent don’t know, what point later resonates in their mind from your demotivating talk.

5. When your child is in his late teenage or early 20s, learn to start listening to his or her points.

Never try to suppress his or her voice. Let him or her speak, correct him or her politely.

6. Don’t be arrogant or an egotist when having the family time! Personal egos destroys present families and the future ones too.

7. Don’t ever be abusive. A big NO to vulgarity!

8. Never disregard your parents importance in front of your child. Respect them. Remember you will grow old.

9. Never show favouritism to any of the kids openly.

10. Avoid dressing in front of them. It may make them uncomfortable.

11. Discussing finance. Kids don’t need to know how rich or poor you are. Just help them realize the importance of money.

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