Why Babies Hold Your Finger Tightly Whenever You Touch Their Hands

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Witnessing a newborn babies curl its tiny fingers around yours is a truly precious moment in life.

While this grasp is common among newborn babies, the exact causes and nature of this phenomenon are not fully understood.

In this article, we will delve into these questions to shed some light on the topic.

Drawing inspiration from an article published on Healthline, we will explore the reasons behind why babies tightly grasp fingers.

As a parent, your heart may melt at the sight of this adorable grip, and if you’ve been curious about its significance, this article will provide you with valuable insights.

What is this phenomenon called?

According to Healthline, this gripping action is known as the palmar grasp. It occurs as an automatic response and is not within the newborn’s control.

The strength of this grasp is so remarkable that it can actually support the weight of the infant.

Placing your baby on the bed with its back to you and gently inserting your pinky finger into its hand is a surefire way to elicit this reflexive grab.

The development of the palmar grasp typically begins as early as 16 weeks of pregnancy.

At this stage, a newborn babies brain does not possess the capacity for intentional movements. Therefore, the baby has no conscious control over this reflex as it happens automatically.

However, by the time a baby reaches around six months of age, voluntary actions start to emerge, and reflexive responses gradually fade away.

Therefore, it is encouraged to make the most of the palmar grasp during this early stage of development.

Embrace the joy of witnessing your newborn’s palmar grasp as it signifies an important milestone in their growth and development.

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