Hard to believe: six mysterious places on earth

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Mysterious: The earth never stops astonishing us, every intersection of the planets offers some of natural distinctiveness with or without explanation.

It leaves us in awe of it’s expansive possibility and geographies, some of which remains mysterious and puzzling.

Some of these sites are places that are difficult to reach;others are tourist heaven. A few of these places are

1. Bermuda triangle

a list of mysterious places without the mention of the Bermuda triangle is definitely not complete.

The Bermuda triangle also known as the devil’s triangle covers 440,000 miles that is son 708111.36 kilometre of the sea.

The place is a triangular area in the Atlantic ocean, between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan.

This place has over the years cover people’s imaginations, with report of ostensibly incomprehensible disappearance of planes, ships and people.

A plane got missing while passing through that section in 1945, 14 fighters plane dispatched to look for the missing plane also got missing.

No one can say for sure what happened in these cases of disappearance, but there are several theories of sea monsters,alien abduction and weather conditions.

2. Door to hell, Turkmenistan

Sometimes it is better to leave the world in it’s natural form as a team of Soviet scientist discovered in Turkmenistan,1972.

They managed to open up what appears to be the gateway to hell, as they drill for natural gas.

The search created a huge 230 foot wide, blazing pit, and it has not stop oozing fire ever since.

Many tourist flock to that areato witness first hand experience of a fire that has stop burning for the past 40 years after it was opened up.

The president of Turkmenistan ordered for it to be closed but it is impossible until the natural gas supply comes to an end.

How much of gas is left or how long the hell hole will burn remains a puzzle.

3. Longyearbyen, Norway

Svalbard is that place in Norway where the midnight sun occur for the longest period, here the sun doesn’t set if you travel to the artic of svalbard, the sun doesn’t set between April and late August.

Here you can do a midnight walk on a glacier or look at the reddish sky from a moving dogsled, experience the unique climate and nature near near the north pole.

4. Cano cristales, Columbia

Cano cristales is a river located in the serrenia de la macerana region of Columbia.

It has been referred to as the most beautiful river in the world. It transforms into a wash of colors red,pink,blue,green and yellow adodns it.

The colors are actually from the unique type of Flora’s growing at the bank of the river.

5. Death valley California USA

thus phenomenon has been unexplainable, in the desolate area of California, heavy stones appears to be moving accross the dried lakeleaving a trail and displaying the distance covered.

There has been hypothesis nation wide as to why this occurs the rock weigh around 700lbs and some have been known to travel a distance of 200 meters. The movement varies but the mystery continues.

6. Magnetic hill, Moncton,new Brunswick

What could possibly cause an automobile to roll backward uphill without power?. Could it be a magnetic field from within the earth, or something even more fantastic?. Since the 1930s. When the phenomenon of the magnetic hill was discovered, people have been trying to figure out this riddle.

Thanks for reading, please drop your own most surprising place listed above.

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