Signs That Indicate You Have Heart Failure Not Heart Attack

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Many uneducated people mistake a heart attack for heart failure. Despite the fact that both diseases of the heart are involved, they are very distinct from one another.

Heart failure is a result of heart disorders that make it difficult for the heart to fill with blood and pump it.

However, a heart attack happens when the heart muscles start to die because the blood supply to the heart is restricted or blocked entirely.

People live longer when heart failure is diagnosed early and treated effectively. Receiving heart attack treatment while suffering from heart failure is fatal.

In this essay, I’d like to inform you about a few Mayo Clinic-recommended signs and symptoms of heart failure.

1. Fatigue

One common sign of heart failure that many people neglect is having constant fatigue, even when you haven’t engaged in any rigorous exercise. It is crucial that you visit the hospital as soon as you notice this.

2. Shortness of breath

When they experience breathlessness, many people assume they are having a heart attack.

Heart failure-related shortness of breath differs from other types of breathlessness in that it can happen while a person is lying down or doing nothing at all.

3. Coughing

Although you may have previously disregarded it, persistent coughing even after taking medication or coughs that produce blood-stained white or pink mucus are signs of heart failure.

4. Another heart failure symptom that should never be disregarded is swelling in the legs, ankles, or feet. Blood flow problems within the body may be the cause of this. If you notice these symptoms, you should consult a qualified doctor.

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