10 Mysterious Places In Africa You Might Not Have Heard Of Till Now

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Africa is a large continent with interesting people, fascinating cultures with historical destinations, landmarks, and communities whose names and stories evoke a sense of wonder.

It should come as no surprise that Africa is home to some of the most mysterious geological formations and man-made places on earth.

Much of what happens on the African continent can be explained but this day some destinations remain shrouded in mystery with the world’s greatest minds unable to determine the history, or even explain they’re remarkable features some of these destinations will leave you scratching your head.

Others will leave you with goosebumps but they all promise mystery and intrigue by the bucketload even if you’re the most cynical of travelers.

If you are the adventurous type and visiting strange places in your book at least, then come along with us as we take you to the ten mysterious places to visit in Africa.

The Giant Blue Eye Of Africa

The giant blue eye of Africa in Mauritania. One of the strange wonders of Africa is a giant blue eye of Africa also known as the Richard structure.

Found in the Western Sahara Desert in Mauritania. The spectacular structure is a blue circle like the eye in the sands of Mauritania and is believed to be around a hundred million years old.

This bull’s eye in the Sahara has packed several scientific inquiries and none has been able to unravel the mystery surrounding this spot.

Some people describe it as a hole that was formed when God flooded the earth with water in the days of Noah.

As recorded in the Holy Bible. While its origin may never be known despite the deluge of scientific inquiries. Images of this strange feature as taken from space by astronauts continue to intrigue and inspire the world.

Lake Nature In Tanzania

Image source: PixabayAfrica houses some of the largest freshwater lakes in the world but Lake Nature in Tanzania is the purple cow in the pack.

This red blood deadly lake which bothers Tanzania and Kenya seems like a scene from a horror movie. This the lake is dangerous to life due tomorrow its soda and salt content, and it also houses deposits of sodium carbonate.

The water also has the ability to classify animals into stone, this is not due to any mysterious pearl. It is simply because of the salt and high alkaline pH in the water.

The pH of the water has been measured as high as ten point five nearly as high as ammonia. It was used by ancient Egyptians to mummify their dead.

Lake Nyos Cameroon

Rezdy Guinness Book of Records has doped leg Neos as the deadliest lake in the world. Why? Well, one night in 1986 the lake killed about 1,700 people and nearly 3,500 livestock.

The incident also left many others with health problems, because of the chemicals the lake emanated. Nyos is a crater lake in the northwest region of Cameroon.

The lake is on the side of an inactive volcano and is impounded by a volcanic dam.

There is a pocket of magma underneath the lake which leaks carbon dioxide into the water.

The water then changes this into carbonic acid and makes the lake one of three exploding lakes in the world.

Cooks Corner Limpopo South Africa

Kona is located in the far northeastern corner of the Kruger national park. Here the loop of one Limpopo rivers come together where zimbabwe, Mozambican, and South Africa meet. Today it’s a world of fat baobabs, yellow buck fever trees, and rivers busting with hippos and crocodiles as big as dinosaurs.

It makes a shady drive along the river from the path for a picnic site, not of pond America.

This place was a no man’s land a century or so ago. This historical island destination derives its name from the outlaws who lived there in the 90s.

It has become a very prominent tourist attraction in South Africa.

Blue River Abia State Nigeria

It’s weird to call any man’s water blue since we are taught by science that water is mere, if not totally colorless.

But there is a zoom in the river which radiates a breathtaking charm in the Ummah Hia Baku in Abiah State Nigeria makes you want to think twice about this theory.

They’ll back you blue revised so names on account of its stunning Saphir and crystal-clear waters, which makes it easy to spot fishes and other aquatic animals.

As you sail further down the river, the blue color of the water strikes your eyes. It’s claimed that no river is clear and blue as a stunning Brook.

It’s a static I resist Abel coupled with its lush greenery, and there are so many hues surrounds the Clearwater.

Legend has it that this hill was the major reason why they are soo many founders decided to settle in the present location after they flee their ancestral home in today’s Ijo.

The White Desert In Egypt

Just a few hours from the bustling metropolis of Cairo lies a dessert that will make you feel like you’ve just landed on the surface of the Moon.

Formed by centuries of erosion and sandstones, these unique calcium rock formations prop up across the landscape like great abstract statues.

Some that resemble food have been given names like mushroom and ice-cream cone, while others have inspired more grandiose designations, such as the monolith surberg.

Arguably the most characteristic of these particular natural formations is the film chicken and tree set also called the chicken and mushroom, or better still chicken an atomic bomb. Only in the white desert will you encounter such a busy and uninspiring natural museum of chalk rock.

The Seven Colored Earth Of Chamorro Mauritius

For ages, the story of this volcanic phenomenon remains shrouded in mystery. Located on the Southwestern Cape of Mauritius.

This world-famous destination is bordered by an eighty three-meter high waterfall which gives stories a panoramic view of this beautiful attraction.

It was formed by a volcanic eruption, as the name suggests, it is a small area of sand dunes with seven distinct colors.

Thousands of tourists visit this area on a yearly basis to behold a strange sight.

Avenue of Baobabs In Madagascar

The Avenue of Baobabs is a prominent group of granted us Baobabs lining the dirt road between morondava and Bologna sediba Hina in the Munnabhai region of Western Madagascar.

Its striking landscape draws travelers from around the world making it one of the most visited locations in the region.

Atlas ObsuraIt has been a center of local conservation efforts and was granted temporary protected status in July 2007 by the Ministry of Environment Water and Forests. A step towards making it Madagascar’s first natural monument.

Skeletons Coast Namibia 

The skeletons coast is littered with more than a thousand shipwrecks. Many of the vessels lost their way in the thick fog, run aground, and was destroyed in the heavy surf.

Interestingly the rest are not the source of the name skeletons coast. This money came from the region’s history of whaling and sealing.

The industries which lasted into the early 1900s, left bleached white skeleton stretched along the entire coastline.

Massive whale skeletons are still encountered on the beach today. But the rusting old ship has come to symbolize the region.

The majority of the skeletons course is unpopulated and inaccessible. Travelers visit the area by driving over the beaches and dunes in four-wheel drive cars, or flightseeing in light aircraft.

While ground travel is the best option for experiencing the desert and its wildlife in person, flightseeing is an exciting way to see the immensity of the coastline.

The Abandoned Outdoor Movie Theater In Egypt

Daily mail On the northern tip of the sinner desert in Egypt lies a cluster of seats for another movie cinema.

According to Estonian photographer Cowpoke ICCA’s who recently visited the abandoned location, the theater was built some decades ago by an unnamed Frenchman.

One day while at the sinner desert with his legion of friends, they decided to build a movie theater there.

They headed to Cairo and brought in hundreds of old seats, a generator, and a giant screen for the project.

But the locals who seemed not to be impressed by the ideas sabotage the opening of the theater. And until date, that theater remains forgotten in the middle of the cinah desert.

An Italian pop band named studier as some of the artists who have used the theater to shoot a music video.

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