If Your Phone Falls Inside Water, Do These Immediately Before It’s Too Late

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If your phone happens to fall into water, you should act swiftly to prevent any permanent harm. If you want to give your phone a fighting shot, do these thing.

First, Get the Phone Back:

Take the phone out of the water immediately. Avoid pressing any buttons or shaking the device too much, since doing so could spread the water to other parts of the interior.

Turn off Your Cell Phone 2:

In order to avoid a possible short circuit, turn off the phone immediately. Do not try to switch the phone back on if it has been turned off.

Thirdly, take out the SIM card and the case:

Take off the phone’s casing and take out the SIM card, memory card, and battery (if applicable).

As a result, the phone’s internal components will be protected against moisture and probable failure.

Remove Moisture from the Outside:

Dry the exterior of the phone with a soft cloth or towel. To avoid getting water into any ports or apertures, avoid rubbing the water in.

5. Soak up surplus moisture:

If your phone has been damaged by moisture, you might try using silica gel packets or uncooked rice to absorb the liquid.

For at least 24 to 48 hours, store the phone in a plastic bag containing the moisture-absorbing substance. In order to keep your phone in working order, you should keep it away from any heat sources such as a hair drier, oven, or microwave.

Do not activate too quickly:

Try not to pick up your phone right away after the drying time has passed. Instead, plug it into a power source and wait for it to charge. Next, try powering it on.

If the phone is unresponsive, it might be time to call in the experts.

Get Expert Advice 7.

Take your phone to a professional repair provider if the preceding solutions don’t work, or if it was submerged in saltwater or unclean water.

They can examine the damage to the phone by taking it apart and using the proper tools. Your gadget may have a better chance of survival if you get professional help as soon as possible.

Always keep in mind that the outcome of water damage to your phone is never certain. If you don’t want to risk losing critical data, you should back it up frequently.

If you frequently use your phone in damp places, you might want to protect it from water damage by purchasing a waterproof cover or carrying it in a waterproof pouch.

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