10 Largest Abandoned Cities And Ghost Towns Around The World

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Ghost Towns are not only found in movies. A lot of ghost cities and towns also exist in the world, and the most interesting part about these ghost towns is that they are very mysterious

Check out the most fascinating ghost abandoned cities around the world.

1. Ordos Kangbashi China.

Ordos Kangbashi which is located in Inner Mongolia, China is the largest ghost town in the world.

The city used to be a very modern city, and it has large stadiums which can house over 300 thousand people, but unfortunately only 70,000 people came to live in the city, the city went bankrupt and stop the buildings and today the city is empty, and it has become a ghost town.

2. Ashgabat Turkmenistan

Ashgabat Turkmenistan is a very large ghost city, Ashgabat is known for its huge marble buildings.

The President of Turkmenistan planned to turn Ashgabat into a golden era, but unfortunately the project could not be completed and it became a ghost city.

3. Wittenoom Australia

Wittenoom which was founded in 1946 was a mining town, which is located in Western Australia. During the early 1950s Wittenoom became the largest town in the Pilbara region.

In the year 2007 the city was closed down by the Australia Government, who was trying to limit access to the mining town, the city was removed from all official maps and today it is a very large ghost town.

4. Ruby Arizona

In the year 1870s, mine which can produced, silver, gold, copper, zinc where found in Ruby Arizona.

Ruby Arizona officially became a town in the year 1910 when it opened its first post office.

The surrounding areas became the sites of three horrific double homicides, which is known as the Ruby Murders.

5. Varosha Cyprus

Varosha Cyprus was once a beautiful and elegant city, it was once a popular tourist destination.

During the 1970s Varosha, became the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but in the year 1974, it became abandoned and since then it has been under the control of the Turkish military, at the moment the city is closed and only military and UN personnel, are allowed into the city.

6. Craco Italy

Craco which was once a beautiful city is located in the arch of Italy boot. Craco faced a lot of conflicts including political ideologies, a lot of people flee from the city, and in the year 1963 the last residents which was about 1800 left the city for safety.

They relocated to Craco Peschiera. At the moment Craco has been abandoned, and it is one of the largest ghost town in the World.

7. Centralia Pennsylvania

The coal fire that has been burning in Centralia Pennsylvania, has been burning since the year 1952, a lot of people have tried to clean up the coal and put out the fire but nothing is working, due to fear the residents abandoned their homes and ran away.

The Pennsylvania government condemned Centralia in the year 1992.

8. Tianducheng China

The city of Tianducheng was once a luxury, it was built to accommodate over 10,000 residents, but right now the city has been abandoned, only very few people now reside in the city, and they are the employee of an amusement park.

9. Pripyat Ukraine

Pipiyat was founded in the year 1970 as a nuclear city, it has more than thirteen thousand apartment, it has schools that can accommodate over 5000 children, lots of sports halls, cafes and cinema halls, hospitals, factories and even cultural centers.

Unfortunately on the 26 of April in the year 1986, the reactor blew and toxic radiation ware released into the entire city, which caused all the residents to flee to another city named Slavutych.

10. Hashima Island Japan

Hashima Island which is also known as Gunkanjima, was developed as a home for people who were working in the undersea mine cone.

The city has swimming pool, garden stores, Pachinko parlor and even roof top, but unfortunately the mine eventually closed in the year 1974, when Japan moved away from coal power and now the city is an abandoned Ghost city.

So These Are The Largest Ghost Abandoned Cities In The World, Which Of Them Will You Like To Visit?

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