Why The Hair Of New Recruit Military Officers Is Shaved Frequently

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Hair: Shaving is vital all across the world and in most military branches because it maintains professionalism.

To the general people, they represent a way of life and it is hard to see a man with long hair safe for Rastafarians.

Military service is a responsibility that citizens have to protect their country’s boundaries.

Nobody wants their military to have a bad reputation or to represent them in a negative light.


Military recruits come from a variety of socioeconomic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. And they must work as a team that works, eats, and sleeps together; one method to accomplish this is to make them appear alike.

They shave their hair in the same style at once and you will notice this when they are on parade.

The hair – cut is the first step in making the soldier blend in with the rest of the group and equalize them. They are also instructed to work hard and keep their uniform appearance similar.


Shaving is an element of personal cleanliness, and soldiers must be disciplined to comply.

During training and in combat zones, they are supposed to work in muddy, dusty, and unbearable environments.

When you reside in a barracks with other troops, personal cleanliness is crucial.


Cadets don’t have much time to comb, style, or make up their hair during training because everything is organized.

Hair care takes a lot of time and soldiers are supposed to be ready at all times.

It’s a means to take away a soldier’s individualism and teach them how to work as part of a team, putting the demands of others ahead of their own. It’s as simple as getting up, dress, and going out


It makes it easier for the soldier to put on his gas mask in the event of an enemy chemical, biological, or radiological attack.

Thick hair will leave space when chemicals can leak through. With long hair, you won’t be able to fully seal your face, allowing chemical attacks to incapacitate or kill you.

In addition, in submarines, everyone must be ready to put on an emergency air-breathing device at any time, and aircrews must follow the same rules. This will help you to survive inside water.

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