1 Million Successful Nigerians to Contribute $100 Billion For Peter Obi – Okupe

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No fewer than 1 million successful Nigerians, both home and abroad, have indicated interest in donating $100,000 each in support of the 2023 presidential project of the Labour Party candidate, Mr Peter Obi, Ikengaonline quoted the Director General of Obi’s Campaign Organisation, Dr Doyin Okupe, to have said.

Okupe, who disclosed this in an interview, said that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, and the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, put together, would be no match for the war chest of Labour Party, although the party would not be involved in vote buying and other undemocratic dealings giving the country bad reputation.

The former Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Olusegun Obasanjo, said that successful Nigerians cutting across all the geo-political zones and religions were uniting behind Obi who they saw as the beacon of hope for the country especially for the younger generation.

He said that Obi “is building the largest coalition” ever known in the political history of Nigeria, as progressive Nigerians desirous of change and new order were massively rallying behind him.

Okupe noted that although the Labour Party “does not have the financial muscle” like the APC and PDP, responses from fans of Obi were encouraging.

According to him: “We don’t have the financial muscle to compete with them (APC and PDP) but the Labour Party with Peter Obi has the potential to raise more money than the PDP and the APC put together.

“Within this country and globally, there are more than one million Successful Nigerians who are interested enough in Nigeria’s matter to put a $100,000 and when you multiply it by one million, it will give you $100b.

“So, we’ll win an election with $100b. It doesn’t matter what other parties have because we are not going to spend money to convert people to our side.

“We will only spend money to constitute structures, promote the ideals of the party and promote our message, and logistics.

“That’s all we need money for. We don’t need money to bribe voters and that’s where the old parties and politicians spend a huge chunk of their money.

“Our financial budgetary requirements are by far lower than the corrupt system being practised by the APC and the PDP.”

On how the Campaign Organisation is harnessing talents to achieve purpose, Okupe said: “Our national secretariat will be open very shortly in Abuja. A directorate is going to be established to handle support groups.

“You have to harness them, put them together, coordinate them and concentrate their energy along the useful path to avoid duplication and unnecessary repetition and wastage.

“All these things will be done because we have enough experienced and knowledgeable people that will run the affairs.”

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