See The Signs Of Change Labour Party Gave That is Causing Reaction Among Nitezens.

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On Saturday morning, the Labour Party’s Twitter account grew to 89,900 followers, as supporters of Peter Obi took to his new platform.

Barr. Julius Abure, Chairman of the Labour Party LP, described the growing popularity of the Labour Party Twitter handle on social media as an indication of Nigerians’ desire for change.

In an exclusive interview with Bellnews Online, Labour party’s chairman said that the people who have found a voice and authentic representation in the party’s new face are committed to express themselves through the party for a better country.

In a telephone discussion with our correspondent, Abure stated that Nigerians are desirous of genuine change and are committed to guarantee that the ruling class is replaced with a leader who represents them.

He stated that they have faith in the party’s presidential candidate, who will serve as the party’s emblem and a new Nigeria on the ballot in the presidential election in February 2023.

“This shows that the party is growing in size, and it is an indication that Nigerians are tired of the ruling class,” he said.

“It is an indication that the people desire change, and that change may come through the Labour Party and our presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi.”

On Friday, the Labour Party’s Twitter handle skyrocketed after presidential candidate Mr Peter Obi unveiled a new Twitter account for the party, @NGLabour.

On Friday, the account’s followers had surpassed 73k in less than 12 hours. After 24 hours, the number had risen to 89,900.

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