Why We Insist On Christian Candidate For Atiku

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PDP has announced that their flag bearer Atiku Abubakar will choose a southern Christian as his running mate for the upcoming presidential election in 2023.

The party also gave some reasons why they have decided that a southern Christian must be a running mate for Atiku Abubakar during the 2023 presidential election.

The party said that a southern Christian must be a running mate to Atiku so that the southerners and Christians wouldn’t feel rejected and neglected. This is done for things to be equal and for everyone to be happy.

If a northern Muslim is a running mate to Atiku, it will be as if the presidential seat is meant only for the northern Muslims of Nigeria and that’s why they came up with the idea of appointing a southern Christian to run with Atiku for the sake of justice, fairness, and equity.

There’s no doubt that they are doing this to find favor amongst southerners and also get votes from the southerners and the Christians too. They are tryna be strategic because if they appoint only northern Muslims as both the presidential candidate and running mate, they are at risk of losing the election.

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