War Looms As Israel Reportedly Fires Missile Into Damascus.

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Israel launched a missile bombardment at sites south of Damascus this morning, marking the second such attack this week.

According to military authorities, one civilian was hurt and some property damage was caused.

The majority of the missiles fired by Israeli planes from the occupied Golan Heights were intercepted by Syrian air defences before reaching their intended objectives

Syria has repeatedly demanded action to stop Israel from firing rockets into its territory, but has been met with deafening silence.

The Foreign Ministry wrote to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the UN Security Council last month, urging them to “take a firm stand on Israel’s attacks on Syrian sovereignty.”

It stated that the UN should take a clear stance “away from politicised considerations and calculations that violate the United Nations’ and its bodies’ well-established and clear legal and political views.”

Furthermore, Syria asked the UN to demand that Israel follow UN Security Council decisions and stop endangering regional peace and security “immediately and unconditionally.”

Today’s missile strikes elicited no response from Tel Aviv, which has a policy of refusing to confirm or deny such attacks.

It claims to be defending itself against a threat posed by Iranian forces to its territory, despite the fact that its attacks routinely target civilian areas.

Last year, Israeli rockets are thought to have killed at least 130 Syrians in 30 separate air strikes.

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