Why Terrorist Don’t Want Me To Be Elected President – Wike

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Nyesom Wike, the executive governor of Rivers State, spoke to reporters as he officially opened the dualized Ogbunubali-Eastern bypass road today. Wike asserted that political parties are merely a means by which a leader might achieve his goals and that leadership is about the individual, not the party. He added that his performance is not a result of his membership in the PDP and that he will continue to perform even if he is expelled from the PDP today.

Speaking about the current state of insecurity in Nigeria, Nyesom Wike stated that the problems with security we are currently experiencing in Nigeria are caused by a lack of people who are passionate about serving the people. His one regret is that he did not have the chance to tell bandits that enough is enough. Speaking further, Wike said that if he had been given the chance to lead Nigeria, even the bandits would have known that their time would have come to an end. He lamented the fact that he is not given this chance.

Why Terrorist Don't Want Me To Be Elected President - Wike

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