Why Many People Regard Me As A Stingy Man – Peter Obi

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Still on the issue of being stingy Peter Obi has come out to clarify why many people regard him as being stingy.

According to a video posted by popular Nigerian media personality, Tunde Ednut, the Presidential aspirant of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has recently clarified the issue of him being stingy.

In an interview, Peter Obi noted that he had given out more money than most people who give out money, after he had been asked if he was a stingy person.

He further stated that one thing he doesn’t do is that he has an allergy to money being spent, both public and private.

He stated that he disliked wasting money, but preferred to spend it on something he required.

“I’ve spent more money than most of these people who spend money. I’m allergic to money being wasted, whether it’s public or private.

I don’t spend money carelessly; I spend it for what it’s been used for, and people can see it.

It has nothing to do with anybody, it has to do with my family. You can ask my wife; she will say Peter will not buy this, Peter will not do this, “he said.

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