Whosoever Manipulated Ekiti Election Will Be Invalid For Life. – Mrs. Felicia Fayomi

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An elderly voter, Mrs Felicia Fayomi, who is said to be 105 years old, tells OLUFEMI OLANIYI about her motivation for coming out to cast her ballot in Saturday’s Ekiti State governorship election

What is your name?

My name is Felicia

How old are you?

I don’t know my age but my children calculated it and said I should be around 105 years old.

What was your occupation in your younger days?

I was a trader; I sold foodstuffs – beans, rice, garri and things like that. I used to take them to markets to sell.

My husband’s family said I should suspend trading till when I would be done with childbearing but I refused the advice because I was not one to laze about.
So, I combined childbearing and raising my children with trading. I would tie my baby to my back and trek to Aaye-Ekiti and other towns to sell my wares.

One of my in-laws, who loved me so much, would help me to carry one of my goods and I would carry the other. Getting to Aaye, I would hawk my wares in the community and environs.

Not many people of your age are seen coming out to vote. What motivated you to vote in this governorship election?

I came out to vote because Segun Oni is a very nice person, very kind and responsible. I came out to vote for him.

I love Segun Oni and I show it everywhere. I cast my vote for him and I danced to meet him when he came to vote. Whoever manipulates the election will be rendered invalid for life!

Who is Segun Oni to you?

Haaaa! Segun Oni is a good son. His mother and I are relatives. His mother, Iya Alagbado, was a very nice person. His mother used to give me money in those days.

Can you compare Nigeria now with what it was in those days?

Nigeria will get better. I know that this country has started to be okay and it will continue to be better.
But there were no thieves as we have today in those days.

Now, there are so many thieves and it is a source of worry to me.
There are so many thieves here! There are also thieves in Ifaki but they don’t trouble me.

What do you want Nigerian leaders to do to change the situation?

Let me first tell you this: I want Segun Oni to be declared winner; I will dance like I have never danced before if he is declared the winner.
I want the government to address the problem of insecurity and hunger.

What is your favourite meal now?

I eat pounded yam, I eat semovita but I don’t eat much. Food is very expensive now. One tuber of yam is N1,000.
How many people do you think can afford that? Government should help the masses by making sure food is available and affordable to even the poor.

Why did you refuse to allow those who wanted to carry you across the drainage at the polling unit?

I didn’t want them to carry me because I am strong. I walk by myself unaided.

I don’t allow okada (motorcycle) to take me to anywhere. I will never allow that.

My relatives had an accident on okada and she sustained an injury to her mouth; I won’t allow okada do that to me.

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