Reaction Trails As Northerners Campaign for Peter Obi (Video).

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A video is making rounds of some Northerners campaigning for Peter Obi to become the next president of Nigeria.

In the video the men could be seen drumming, dancing and singing as they carry posters with the inscription Competence, Peter Obi for President, support 2023.

As the men hit the street to campaign for the Labour Party flagbearer, they sang gleefully, “after Buhari, Peter Obi”.

Although on the posters was the logo of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP, a party the former member belonged to, before his deflection to the Labour Party.

Since the video hit the internet, many have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

Kathy Zino MaZino: They are paid to do so. Hausa man will never do that. All the same tanks for compagning for him.

Here are some reactions of netizens

Ejogharado Maudlyn: Hypocrite.

Very fake. Don’t be received by this. Lip talk

Richard Lawani:

We have seen what pdp and apc could do as failures now it’s time for labour party are they going to join the band wagon of failures or they will excell

Iyke Emmanuel:

This people are difficult to believe and the last set of people to trust

Mebom Paul:

They may not be real BUT their mistake will be an advantage to peter obi

Kelechi Obijiaku:

Even if they don’t vote for him, they have advertised him

Yahaya Mustapha:

Akudolu Gozie how did you know that they will not vote for him don’t be surprise he gets more vote in the north than south east.

Akudolu Gozie:

How I wish they will vote for him. They are only looking for money, at the right time they will vote for Atiku.peter all the way

Anita Onyema:

Don’t blame them , these are Hausa musicians that station themselves in front of PDP National Headquarters in Abuja. There job is to hail politicians who come around to pick party form and you drop something for them.

They are hustlers.

Click here to watch video

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