Why I Am Afraid For Peter Obi – Anthony Ehilebo

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Anthony Ehilebo, the Peoples Democratic Party’s head of new media, has expressed fear over the aspiration of the Labour Party, LP, presidential candidate, Peter Obi , saying it is a reasonable attempt at the presidency, but will fail because Obi and his political party have no structure as it stands.

Speaking exclusively to online news media (Bellnews), Ehilebo said while he appreciates the ongoing movement by some youths and the social media support Obi is getting, elections are not won on social media without a viable platform.

He said:”Under what platform will Peter Obi win this election? You mean someone will just move to a political party that has no structure and national outlook, and he will just win a presidential election?

The PDP chieftain said the party is not capable of winning a single legislative seat and that even if Peter Obi wins the presidency which he claimed was impossible, he will not succeed because his party will have no place in the lawmaking arm of the government.

Ehilebo said:”Which National Assembly will he work with? Tell me if there is any LP member that can win a senate or House of Reps seat. I hope the youths and those campaigning for him will not get disillusioned after the 2023 election.”

Earlier, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) and former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, said the Labour Movement in Nigeria has tentacles spread across the country, waiting to be activated for political change.

Obi said Nigerians who bear the brunt of the various economic mismanagement of successive governments would emerge as the structures that would decide the fate of candidates in 2023.

Obi said this while reply, to critics who say the Labour Party has no structures as the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which he left said they must understand that Nigerian workers numbering over 100m people, would rise to stand with him and the Labour party, to sack the two major political parties and enthrone the Labour Party (LP).

He said the failure of past and present governments have swelled the rank of Labour Party structures that would drive the process for the 2023 presidential election.

He said“whenever I hear of no structure, my answer to it, is simple. The 100 million Nigerians living in poverty will be the structure.

Peter Obi also boasted that his new political party will win the 2023 presidential election by rallying workers and students to vote.

He noted that the PDP and the ruling APC have expired and lost their political relevance in the country and will be easily defeated in the 2023 election.

Obi added that PDP leaders stepped out of fortune and victory following their refusal to zone the 2023 presidential ticket to the Southern part of the country.

The presidential candidate berated the PDP for being “unrighteous and unjust” for jettisoning the zoning arrangement of the party.

According to him, those who opposed zoning in the PDP undermined the the existence of the PDP and the violated the gentleman agreement of the founding fathers of the party.

Obi said, he is banking on Nigeria’s workforce, youths, market and women to beat both the APC and the PDP at the 2023 general elections.

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