Why God Answer Prayers of Muslim Faster Than That of The Christians – Prophet Ezenwa Ritabbi

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The General Overseer of Christ as of Old Ministry fondly known as “God of Now Now”, Prophet Ezenwa Ritabbi has offered an explanation to the question that was raised for him

The Nigerian Televangelist in the course of service at his church said a follower asked him a question that why God answers the Muslims more faster compared to Christian.

According to the man of God, the answer to the question is not far fetched.

He said in a video clip that the reason is simply because Muslim do not have conditions for prayer answers while Christians have conditions.

He said every Christian is living under the covenant that God gave to Abraham. Prophet Ritabbi quoted the book of genesis chapter 17 to back his claims.

According to him, for every Christian to receive blessing from God, he or she must play their own part.

“Muslims have no conditions for prayers answers. Christian have conditions for prayer answers.

Every lineage of Abraham, for your prayers to be granted you must work with covenant.

It was after Abraham offered his son for sacrifice that was when God begin to multiply his descendants.

For every Christian to receive blessing your own side of the deal must be involved.

People are asking when Muslims pray, God answer them, the answer is they are not under a law.

If a Christian does not obey the commandments he will not receive the promises of God that is what the Bible says.

The root of prosperity for every Christian is to obey the commandments.”

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