Why an Igbo Man Can Never Be President – David Umahi

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The Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi has raised concerns on how it would be difficult for there to be a Southern president of Igbo extraction, with the way the geopolitical zones has been arranged.

He alleged that the setting of the country was well skilled against any Igbo man who wanted to contest for the presidency.

He noted that Southeast was at a great disadvantage due to the fact that, every other geopolitical zones across the country has about eight states or more but only the Southeast geopolitical zones has only five states.

He said it would be extremely difficult for a Southeast candidate to contest and emerged victorious under such arrangement.

He further added that the Southeast leaders and political actors would be regarded henceforth, as people that would betrayed their kinsmen for the sake of money.

He said the major reason he contested for the presidency was about equity, justice, and fairness to the Southeast geopolitical zones, upon which he would continued to shout for the unity of this country.

He claimed that there was no sort of lobbying he did not received to dropped his candidacy and withdrawn from the presidency, but he stood his ground and maintained that it was about bringing the marginalisation of the Igbos to the fore, but the Southeast political actors and delegates chose not vote for him.

He added that he was dissatisfied with the political actors from Southeast geopolitical zones, for not justifying the agitations against the marginalization of Ndigbo.

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