Now You Know Nobody Wants You, Go And Get Your PVC – David Umahi to Igbos

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The Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, during an interview has insisted that Ebonyi State would never be part of Biafra, not minding the activities of various agitators in the southeast geopolitical zone of the country and the possibility of his statement affecting his political ambition. David Umahi said,

“Anyone that fights against the interest of Ebonyi people in the

I will fight the person Publicly, Ndigbo, get your PVC and bond together, you have seen that nobody wants you anymore, we have the fighting spirit and the spirit of our founding Fathers have been rekindled to fight for us.

When Honourable people are needed in South East, they will come to Ebonyi, everything is not money.”

David Umahi has spoken his mind about Biafra and the people of Ebonyi State. He has asked his people to reject Biafra and get their PVC to vote in the 2023 general elections.

This is good because Nigerians are now waking up to vote for their preferred candidates.

With the way voter registration has been demanded by the people most especially the youths in the past few days, the 2023 general elections will be different.

The voting pattern will have inclusions. All political parties will have representatives who will speak for their people at the federal level. Nigeria now needs a president that will make difference through economic development and infrastructure projects across the country and most importantly, unite the country as one.

A president that will shun ethnicity and religious affiliation and embrace all Nigerians as one.

Nigeria have the available resources to make it the best country in Africa but lack leadership that will control these resources.

And that is why David Umahi is asking his people to get PVC so that they will elect the best among the candidates in 2023.

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