Things You Should Take Note Before Entering A Commercial Vehicle To Avoid One-Chance Robbers

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One-Chance: Dispossessing passengers of their valuables by commercial taxi or bus drivers and their cohorts is one of the security challenges faced by residents in Abuja and Lagos communities.

The attack, which is locally referred to as “one-chance robbery”, has instilled fear in the heart of residents whenever they board a commercial cab for transportation.

Bearing in mind that the yuletide season of Christmas and New Year celebrations is approaching, our readers need to be aware of some of the important security tips before taking a cab or commercial bus for journeying.

How One-Chance Robbers Operate

Before we proceed to mention the security tips for avoiding being a victim of one-chance robbery, it is necessary we understand how these criminals operate.

They pick-up three or four passengers in their vehicle, while the remaining passengers in the car are their associates in crime.

When the vehicle reach an area where there is little or no presence of people, they bring out deadly weapons and demand that you bring all your valuables – money, phones, watch, jewelries.

How To Avoid Being A Victim

1. Always go to motor-parks to board a vehicle as you intend to travel – avoid roadside drivers.

2. Never board a commercial bus or car with tinted windows. Make sure the windows are transparent, in and out.

3. Never seat in the middle of passengers in a commercial vehicle at their request. Those passengers might likely be their cohorts in crime.

4. Lastly, pray to All-Mighty God, the Ultimate-Protector. Because prayer is the weapon and protection of the believer against all evil.

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