Meet Top 5 World’s Popular Churches That Do Not Worship God, See Photos And What They Worship

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Churches: A church is a structure where Christians worship God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Churches can be built by people who don’t believe in Christianity so that they can worship something other than God.

In this essay, I’ll tell you about the top five churches in the world that don’t worship God and instead idolise other people.

Below are the churches:

1. The Satanic Temple

The Satanic Temple, often known as the Church of Satan, is a nontheistic religious and human rights group with congregations in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The Satanic Temple believes in a symbolic Satan, not a real one, and their goal is to fight against oppressive power, spread common sense, and teach everyone to care about each other.

2. Church Of Maradona

The Church of Maradona was founded by followers of the late Argentine footballer Diego Maradona, who consider him to be the greatest player of all time.

It was created on Maradona’s 38th birthday, October 30, 1998, and its devotees believe he is a god.

The religion is headquartered in Argentina, but it has approximately 500,000 adherents worldwide. Everything the church does is based on the Argentine footballer.

3. The Church Of Wicca

Because it combines witchcraft and magic, the Church of Wicca is considered a problematic faith.

Members worship independently, yet they can establish a coven to worship together. The moon’s phases are used to guide its worship. There are no rules to follow. Members are free to do whatever they wish as long as they do not damage others.

4. The Church of Yeezus

The Church of Yeezus is a church founded by Kanye West, a 44-year-old American musician.

Kanye West’s followers are known as Ye’ciples, and they think that he is the god and saviour of humanity.

The majority of their services are held on Sundays, and they perform gospel renditions of Kanye West songs.

5. First Church For Animal Rights

The First Church for Animal Rights is a congregation that supports animals’ right to life.

Their Sunday service in New York is dedicated to animal rights and the belief that animals have the same right to live as humans and should not be slaughtered.


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