World’s Most Expensive Insect That was Sold for Ksh 9.6 Million

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Insect: On July 3rd, 2018, a rare stag beetle species become on sale in several countries.

Its price tag was in thousands of dollars. Reports indicate that it was the first to be captured in a Western Turkish province.

Speaking to media, the head of Bilecik Municipality’s Veterinary Department was captured saying, “We don’t know how it ended up in our province.

This is an endangered species and it is under protection. We have given it to the university for further studies,”

In line with Avci’s statements, the stag beetle seized was the rare kind that has six antennas. This type of stag beetle can fetch whopping millions if sold to buyers in Japan who would in turn used them for pets and collection.

Speaking of its value, Avci said, “This is the most valuable species. It is also bought and sold in Germany,”

Clearly, pushing the narrative forward, it’s worth noting that Stag beetles are a large group comprising of about 1,200 species of beetles in the family Lucanidae.

Being in line with Lucanus Cervus, Stag beetles can grow to the extreme size of 12 cm (4.7 in), but most of them are about 5 cm (2.0 in).

“This beetle can be found in the mountains of the southern province of Hatay. This is the first time we have ever found it in [the western province of] Bilecik,” Mr. Avcı said.

The discovery of the stag beetle followed another colorful discovery of the camel spider, right in Bilecik Turkey. The camel spider is a carnivorous arachnid that can even bite humans.

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