How to spot out fake jewelry gold to the original one while buying.

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Fake Gold: It is easy to look through from ordinary eyes, than from a lens. There is no way you won’t know, if someone is selling fake gold to you; if you are careful in looking.

Real gold is easy to spot out while buying. Only two ways you would know:

From the shinning: it will look a little deep in cooling and shinning out so much in the sun.

Looking with ordinary eyes, holding original gold, it will have a more heavier sight than the fake one.

Real gold do not easily bleach off, and it doesn’t change color easily. Unlike the fake one it easily bleach and change color. To test the quality of a gold,

it can be tested in a fire either a matches light or any other means of bringing out fire.

Another way, to test out the realness in gold either of a wrist watch, neck chains and rings. It can be thrown up to know the heaviness in the hands.

Another way to know, by try using hand to peel it. If it peeled off, then it is fake. if it doesn’t peeled off then you will know that it is original.

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