5 Bad Habits That Could Slowly Damage Your Eyes

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The Eyes is one of the most important organs of the body.

It is generally the organ that helps in giving light to the entire body.

This is why you need to take care of your eye as well as every other organs of your body

The everyday habits of humans has been proven to affect several organs of the body, one of these organs that are affected by our habits is the eye and this article, I will be talking about the habits that are slowly damaging the eye.

1. Rubbing your eye

Rubbing your eye is one of the common habits which a lot of people have grown to practice.

It is just in the nature of humans to rub their eye whenever it is itchy.

But this habits is not good for your eye. According to studies, it could destroy certain veins in your eye which in the long run comes with a lot of disadvantages.

2. Spending too much time looking at screen

Spending a lot of your time looking at screen is another bar habits you should avoid.

This is because blue lights from some of these devices have been proven to slowly damage your eye.

This might take some years before it starts to show effects on your eye but it surely shows side effects.

3. Smoking

Smoking is bad habits that could damage several organs of the body including the eye.

According to studies, smoking damages several veins in your body as well as your lungs and heart health, this in the long run shows it’s side effects on your eye health.

Some of the possible side effects are usually blurred vision.

4. Not eating balanced diet

Foods play a very important role in our life, eating a wrong diet could affect several organs of the body including the eye health according to studies.

Not eating enough fruits and vegetables could make your eye lack some important nutrients that help in benefiting eye health.

5. Not wearing eye protection

Eye protection on certain conditions has been proven to help prevent a lot of eye related conditions, one of which includes damages caused by lights from screen.

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