The Story Of The Woman Who Killed Over 650 Girls And Drank Their Blood So She Could Look Younger

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Younger: This is the story of one of the most deranged female serial killers of all time who goes by the name Elizabeth Bathory, she was a countess who was born on the 7th of August 1560 into the noble family of Bathory’s estate in Hungary.

Elizabeth mother was a noble, her uncle was the King of Poland at that time and her brother was a royal judge of Hungary, this means she was brought up in a wealthy family and she was given the best education.

She got married to Ferenc Nadasy at an early age of 15 due to political reasons, then she moved to Castle Cachtice, which was a wedding gift from her husband to her. Nadasdy instructed workers to build a custom torture chamber for Bathory.

The couple had four children and Nadasdy later became the Chief commander of the Hungarian army during the war against the Ottomans, this automatically made Elizabeth the commander thus giving her the power to handle some administrative matters.

It was in this torture chamber she started her sick act of torturing her victims, even her husband Nadasdy assisted her sometimes, however, he died on the 4th of January 1604, this was when Elizabeth Bathory went out of control.

Elizabeth methods began to be very ruthless and she tortured and killed peasant girls who were sent to her to learn some admirable etiquettes.

She showed no form of mercy in the way she tortured her victims, she jammed needles under the fingernails of her victims, she sometimes bites the flesh off the face of her victims, in some instances, she would intentionally starve some of her victims and cut off their body parts and feed them with it.

She didn’t just stop there, she would cover her victim in honey then beat them and then tie them down for bees to sting them, she even used a red hot iron and inserted them in the private regions of her victims.

After she has killed her victims she will then drain their blood, pour it into a cup and drink it, believing that the blood will make her look younger and more beautiful, she also believed that it will cure her epilepsy, for this, she was known as the Blood Countess.

After killing lots of peasant girls she then started abductingdaughters of local nobles, which made the noble gather together and traced the disappearance of young girls to her.


Her sadistic act was discovered when Count Gyorgy Thurzo who was the one in charge of judicial matters and investigating the allegations, walked in on Elizabeth torturing a young girl, this happened on the 10th of December 1610.

This single event led to her arrest and the arrest of her accomplices, many of her servants and witnesses testified to her sick ways.

She was then sentenced to live in isolation in a room which has no windows, that is where she stayed until she died of cold at the age of 54. It is stated that Elizabeth Bathory killed over 650 girls right from 1585 to 1609.

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