Commotion As Trader Allegedly Finds Male’s Private Part Inside Food

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An unusual discovery in a plate of food led to chaos at the popular Alaba International Market in Ojo, Lagos.

A woman identified as Ebere found a piece of meat resembling a male child’s private part in her soup, bought from a local food vendor in the mark

This startling find incited a flurry of activity as traders and customers thronged to see the unexpected ingredient.

When Ebere, a vendor of household items at the market, raised the alarm, bystanders rushed to inspect the oddi

An eyewitness told Vanguard Metro, “We all took turns to examine it. It didn’t look like that of a goat or a dog.

After careful scrutiny, the crowd concluded that the meat was indeed a small human part, inciting widespread agitation and demands for the food vendor’s accountability.

The alarmed food vendor maintained her innocence, claiming she sourced the meat from her usual supplier in the market.

The shocking discovery stirred intense reactions, with some regular customers of the food vendor even vomiting in public distress over the disturbing implication.

The situation threatened to escalate into a crisis but was managed by market leaders who promised to investigate the matter and take decisive action.

The Public Relations Officer for Alaba International Market, Ezeani Theophilus, confirmed the incident and informed that an investigation was ongoing

“The food vendor claimed she bought the meat from a meat seller who hawks around the market. We don’t want to escalate the issue so that the meat seller won’t find out and flee from the market,” he explained

At the time of reporting, it remained unclear what had happened to the food vendor and whether the police had been involved.

Police officials stated they hadn’t received a report but assured thorough investigation once they did.

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