See The Popular House Of Death In Imo State With A Lot Of Strange Stories

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A strange house popularly known as “house of death” was recovered at Amaigbo Umu-Anu in Imo State some years, till date the owner of that immovable property till remains unknown to the villagers, nobody stays there, but at the late hours of the night the building comes alive with lights and sounds with no signs or traces of electric wires nor cables attached to the building or even the buzzing sound of a power generator.

The most terrifying part is that this building has no gates, opening nor pathways,door entrance only just a fence that surrounded the house and no gate to gain access into the building.

In 2012 a boy called Ebuka Ikechukwu was curious enough to know what the lights and sounds in the house was all about and what was responsible for it, he scaled through the fence and made his way into the building using a window opening, and that was the last people saw of him because he didn’t make it out, he has not been seen even as u read through this piece.

It was believed that in 2005 a pregnant woman was seen standing by the window of the building crying with her face covered in blood.

Just last two years ago,some children were playing football near the house but mistakenly the ball went inside the house and surprisingly the ball bounced back to them, as if someone kicked the ball back to them but the boy that kicked the ball into the building later died the same day.

Very sad situation.

What could have been the cause?

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