Sugary Taste In Urine: Conditions That May Be Responsible For It

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Do you know that there are certain conditions that are responsible for sugary taste in urine? When the urine becomes sugary, it could be due to myriad of health issues or potential health conditions and as such, you should endeavour to see a doctor if your urine taste becomes sugary or starts smelling sweet.

In this article in line with a publication on Medical News Today, we are going to have a look at some of the conditions or causes of sugary taste in urine.

If your urine smells sweet or becomes very sugary whenever you taste it, then do well to see a doctor as it may be as a result of some health issues.

What Are The Causes?

1. Prediabetes – this is a condition that comes before diabetes. It arises when the sugar level is high or dangerously high but not yet high enough to be regarded as diabetes.

People who are at this stage tend to have sugary taste in urine as well as sweet smelling urine.

The earlier it gets attended to, the better for you as it could mean you’re seriously at risk of diabetes.

2. Renal glycosuria:

this is a condition that arises when urine removes too much sugar or glucose from the body.

It is a rare health condition that affects very few people and it happens due to poor functionality of the kidneys that make sugar only get expelled through urine when too much in the blood.

3. Kidney diseases may also be responsible for the sugary taste or smell of your urine.

The kidneys are responsible for filtering the urine and it’s removal but when the kidneys are having issues due to some diseases, you may find yourself having a sweet smelling urine or sugary taste in your urine.

4. Pregnancy is another condition that could cause sugary taste or smell of urine.

It is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to have sugar in her urine at some point but some cases it’s due to gestational diabetes which requires some level of attention.

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