Shoot At Travellers If They Try To Overtake My Convoy – Bauchi State Deputy Gov. Baba Tela Orde

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Senator Baba Tela, the current Deputy Governor of Bauchi State, threw reactions as some travellers in Kari community in the state are being brutalized by his men on Saturday.

Bellnews Online learnt that the policemen in the deputy governor’s convoy also sparked off fire on the travellers who were on their way from Bauchi, the state capital to Misau Local Government Area for a wedding ceremony.

Our correspondent gathered that that Tela issued the maltreatment of all occupants of the vehicles for attempting to overtake his convoy.

“We were attacked by the Bauchi deputy governor and his policemen. On Saturday morning, at around 10 am, we were on our way to Misau Local Government for a wedding ceremony. We were in about 7 vehicles.

“When we got to Kira, we saw his convoy in front of us; it wasn’t even moving fast. So while trying to overtake the convoy, which we didn’t even know was that of the deputy governor, they opened fire on us.

“They stopped all other cars and started beating us; the deputy governor personally said we should be treated like criminals. They fired tear gas into our eyes and deflated all tyres.

“They did not give us any reason for beating us. They intended to handcuff us and leave but some farmers and villagers had to go and meet the deputy governor to beg him.

He didn’t answer them until one of his policemen begged him. We were ultimately unable to arrive at our destination due to what happened.

“They used the butts of their guns to hit and beat us to a pulp.”

When reached, Baba Tela declined to speak on the matter, adding that: “I don’t talk to people on phone, if you want to talk to me, come to my office.”

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