Allowing Muslim Girls To Wear Hijab Untop of Their Uniform is Not Right – Lawyer Malcolm Omirhoabi

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In the mid hours of today, a lawyer named Malcolm Omirhobo was granted an interview by a correspondent of BBC News Pidgin. During the interview, he spoke extensively about the new law made by the supreme court concerning usage of hijab by Muslim females in school.

He said, “allowing Muslim girls to wear hijab on their school uniform is not correct.”

He added, “there is what they call secularity and if the Muslim girls can wear hijab on their uniform, that means I should also wear what I feel like as a traditionalist.”

The lawyer, who became prominent as a result of his strange appearance in a traditional attire, said, “there are people who are hailing me as a result of what I did.

I am very sure I cannot be punished for what I did because I am only expressing my freedom.”

Lawyer Malcolm Omirhobo said the case he is filing now is that people should not dress in their religion attires in a public institution like public school, army, navy, immigration and the rest.

He finalized by saying, “people should learn to keep their religion at home when they want to go public.”

Dear esteemed Readers, what are your thoughts concerning the statements made by the lawyer?

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