See 6 other uses of toothpaste aside brushing that you didn’t know of

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Toothpaste is a gel like substance that is placed on a brush and usually used to brush the teeth and help remove stuck particles of food in the teeth. It comes in different brands and colours, example: Close-up, Colgate etc.

The fact that all toothpastes contains water(20-40%), abrasive (50%), Aluminum, Hydroxide, Calcium hydrogen phosphate, Silica, Calcium Carbonate, fluoride (most often (1450 ppm), and Hydroxyapatite makes it useful in other parts of life excluding brushing of teeth.

Here are some other benefits of toothpastes:

1. Firstly, Toothpaste serves as a Nail polisher mostly for ladies and for some men eho like to treat their nails. When a lady makes her nails for the first time, it looks absolutely beautiful but after probably a week, it begins to wear out and the need to clean it up well arise.

In a case where there is no nail dissolver, toothpaste can serve as one you just need a little water and lemon juice to add to it.

2. Secondly, it can serve as a Bathroom cleaner. Toothpaste can be used in cleaning the bathroom tho not every part.

Drop a little toothpaste on your sink and bathtub and wash after few minutes, it removed stain and reduces odor too.

3. Thirdly, For glass surfaces, are s type that is easily irritated by small scratches? Probably on the surface of you wrist watch? Then here is a solution to that. Drop a little toothpaste on the surface and clean it up.

4: Toothpaste serves as ink remover, from cloths, tables and other surfaces.

5: Toothpaste serves as Kitchen and Dining table Cleaner.

Lastly, toothpaste serves as a Carpet cleaner. If oil or whatever mistakenly spilt on the carpet, toothpaste could remove it at once.

Try these things out and watch the magic.

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