Reason Why I Left APC To ADC – Oluwole Oluyede

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Oluwole Oluyede, the ADC governorship candidate of Ekiti state said that he was once a member of APC but he left the party because it is corrupt and he can’t stand to work or do anything with corrupt people.

He also stated that that’s the reason why he left the political party to join ADC, the party he belongs to now.

Oluwole Oluyede is a governorship candidate in Ekiti state who’s also one of the people who will aspire to become the governor of Ekiti state in 2023.

He said that he felt bad being a member of APC in the past. The political party was too corrupt that he had no choice but to leave the party for another party.

After leaving APC, he eventually joined ADC, the political party which he’s contesting for the governor of Ekiti state with.

He didn’t tell what led him to APC in the first place, but what he’s telling us now is the reason why he left the political party for ADC which is corruption.

He’s now to contest for the governorship election in Ekiti state under ADC which he feels is a better political party for him to stay. According to him, he said he doesn’t like working or having anything to do with corrupt folks.

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