Nnewi Uprising: Who Ordered The Sporadic Shooting in Nnewi Triangle?

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Last night Wednesday November 30th, 2022 at about 9pm bellnewsonline.com was alerted by those residing around the controversial Nkwo Nnewi Triangle that some armed security men were trigger happy and that the residents are panicking.

Today, we decided to sample public opinion on what is happening around Nnewi Triangle and reaction of the people is better described as Nnewi Uprising. According to those who spoke to bellnewsonline.com in condition of anonymity, most of them largely pointed to the fact that the Nnewi born industrialist has succeeded in overriding Igwe Nnewi and has taking the town hostage.

A member of Igwe Nnewi Royal Cabinet holds that he has been wondering why the industrialist who is his contemporary was so interested in planting the leadership of the Town Union since it’s not a profit making body, he said what Omekannaya is doing to Igwe Nnewi today has summarized it all.

Another who said he is just barely older than Omekannaya initially authorized us to add his name, but later said we should not but maintained that he is not interested in who owns triangle or not, but just offended in the way and manner Omekannaya handled Igwe Nnewi. He maintained that he won’t forget this incidence in a hurry. He quickly maintained that Igwe only told Omekannaya to hold on let us do this in traditional Nnewi way as the custodian of Nnewi Tradition and feudal properties. So far he is concern the muscle Omekannaya is flexing is unnecessary and hope he do not end up in the wrong side of history. Though he quickly added that starting from Mortgage Bank and other properties around Triangle could be private properties or better still it has been managed by private persons and thinks it’s time for Nnewi to determine ownership of those properties.

Another elderly person who claimed he was doing business in the same line with Omekannaya simply told us that as a young man, Omekannaya ambition has always been to be the greatest person in Nnewi and maintained that Omekannaya will never concede defeat and will definitely continue whatever he is doing at the Triangle at all cost to proof that he is the greatest and cannot be challenged.

Another Otolo Nnewi popular intellectual sees the whole thing as a careful scheme, he maintained that the reason Omekannaya returned to Uruagu is gradually becoming evident. He was certain that Otolo Nnewi will not support him if he dares Igwe Nnewi, but know too well that he will be playing to the gallery if he comes into the scene as Onye Uruagu.

Several others expressed disappointment that the leadership of the Town Union is aiding Omekannaya to go against Igwe Nnewi and maintained that nobody will ever impose anyone on Ndi Nnewi as leaders going forward.

However, a popular Uruagu Nnewi son based in Onitsha who is presently constructing roads around his village told bellnews that let everybody come to the round table for dialogue that the money we are using to sponsor crisis in Nnewi can be properly reinvested into human capital development and it’s corollaries.

Other opinions on this won’t be published pending on the outcome of the peace process , but using the military main as security in Nkwo Nnewi Triangle may not yield desirable result in the nearest future.

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