Ogidi New Yam Festival; Uruagu in Disarray Distance Self from Obi Afam Give Reasons.

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What played out in the personal new yam festival held by Obi Afam Charles Obi (Ogidi IV) has generated reactions that led to the Key Stakeholders of Uruagu coming out to condemn the shameful act of rejecting Yam and Cow but collecting two million naira and motorcycles from the same donor at the same time.

Reacting to the development one of the major stakeholders in Uruagu in a viral audio described the act of collecting the money and machine and rejecting the cow and Yam as shameful and absolutely not the position of Uruagu Nnewi as the actors didn’t consult them before the public show of shame and regret that the leadership of Odimma Uruagu Nnewi is not living upto expectation. Ogbuefi Benard Okeke made it clear that before one will speak in the name of the community, consultations must be made and those that ought to know must be contacted. He maintained that not just that they are not a party to ot, but they are no aware too.

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Another stakeholder who is also a Prophet of God spoke fearlessly, according to him, he is on ground and knows what is happening. Onyeamuma Agbodike stated Categorically that the actors are dragging the community into personal problem between two sons of Nnewi. He alledged that money was transfered into the personal account of the perpetrators and the used the name of the community to assist in carrying out personal vendetta. Onyeamuma adviced that they should not temper with that money and must return it to the donor with proper apology. He insist that the Traditional Institutions should distance themselves from administration as the President General appears to be dragged by them for obvious reasons, but not in the interest of the entire community.

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Reacting to the position of the Prophet, a respected Uruagu son who spoke to Bellnewsonline.com in condition of anonymity described the recent activity of our newly returned brother as an act of cowardice and adviced him to go and face his personal fight that Uruagu Nnewi Community is not a party to their dispute and warned against litigation if next time anybody speaks in the name of Uruagu Nnewi without waiting for the approval of the meeting.

Bellnewsonline.com in her personal findings discovered that Obi Afam Iloka is deliberately misleading Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi (Ogidi IV). According to our source this is just the beginning of the vendetta as Obi Afam Iloka who do not attend Obi Uruagu Council meetings has sworn to deal with him as a pay back to crisis between him and Obi Nnamdi A.C Obi the immediate past Obi Uruagu who has joined his ancestors.

Recall that Obi Afam Iloka did not attend the funeral of Obi Nnamdi A.C Obi and refused to submit his picture for publication in the brochure for the funeral. Bellnewsonline.com gathered that Obi Afam Iloka dragged the father of the current Obi Uruagu to court on grounds of usurpation of office. According to the court proceedings, what we have in Uruagu Nnewi is council of traditional chiefs; unlike Otolo, Nnewichi and Umudim This is because the Obi Uruagu that we have today is the Obi of UmuEzeAfogu; who are Umudiana Isu and are not in anyway related to Obi Okpuno Uruagu, and Obi Edoji, but could lay claims to Obi Isu as Umudiana. Bellnewsonline.com gathered that for administrative convenience the Uruagu Council of Traditional Chiefs agreed that the Chairmanship be rotated amongst them to guarantee participation as Obi Okpuno, Obi Isu and Edoji refused to identify with Obi EzeAfoOgu on grounds aboriginal claims; as Edoji is a direct descendant of the man called Nnewi, while Isu is his uncle.

We gathered that after Obi EzeAfogu completed their four years as Head of Council of Uruagu Traditional Chiefs and it was time for them to surrender the Chairmanship to Obi Okpuno who won the election as Chairman of Uruagu Traditional Chiefs, they refused. It was gathered that Obi Afam Iloka defeated Obi Mbonu in the contest, but for several reasons, Ogidi refused to handover to him and Obi Iloka dragged him to court. The matter was in court till Obi Nnandi A.C Obi joined his ancestors. The family members who spoke to Bellnewsonline.com believe strongly that Obi Afam Iloka is still pursuing vendetta against Obi Uruagu, because he is more experienced than the young Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi. Obi Iloka is believed to have deliberately dragged the name of Obi Uruagu to the mud by accepting two million and machine and rejecting cow and Yam. He deliberately wanted to paint a picture of Obi Uruagu as a greedy person and at the same time acted as the Chairman of Uruagu Council of Traditional Chiefs a post he finally took from the backdoor following the return of his wealthy brother whose grandparents were alkedged displaced by the war between Obi EzeAfoOgu and Abubor Nnewichi.

This must have informed the reaction from one of renowned Nnewi Professors in Ogbako Ora Nnewi platform when he posted that ‘NO ONE WHO HATES YOUR FATHER CAN CLAIM TO LOVE YOU.

One of the custodians of Nnewi culture who spoke to Bellnewsonline.com in anonymity maintained that what happened in Uruagu Nnewi yesterday is a sacrilege, because any gifts that comes into any Obi cannot be rejected not to talk of a symbolic one like cow. He told Bellnewsonline.com that if a visitor mistakenly took goat that belong to Ezemewi to Okwu Edo and now realised he took it to the wrong Obi, he can’t go out with it, he must go and buy another one. He concluded that for rejecting that cow, Obi Afam Charles Obi is owing his forebears one cow which he must buy and present to them within record time and with proper apology to his ancestors who secured that Obi till it got to him. He concluded that this is bad omen and a carcature of Nnewi native laws and custom. He said he ought to have rejected the two million and machine, because they are not symbolic but not the cow.

Prince Darlington Obi the President General Uruagu Nnewi Youth Forum told Bellnewsonline.com that Uruagu Youth are not a party to that show of shame and have no personal business with the donor . He said what was held yesterday is not an Uruagu Festival, but the personal Festival of his cousin Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi and whatever that transpired yesterday is personal and Uruagu Nnewi Community should not be dragged into it for any reason whatsoever. He thanked the donor and guarantee him that Uruagu Youths are proud of him.

What Bellnewsonline.com is currently investigating is that if Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi refused to attend Afia Olu Nnewi opening ceremony because his vice President General Mbazulike Iloka (Mba Mba) is still in detention, for suspected homicide, why then did he throw a personal but parallel New Yam Festival which we gathered is not in the tradition of the family.

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