Updated: Nnewi Roundabout Deals: fresh crises looms as Dr. Ibeto dares Igwe Nnewi

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What started as a peaceful “stakeholders” meeting today ended on a sad note after Igwe Nnewi advised Dr. Cletus Ibeto CON, not to further step his foot into Nnewi communal land (Nnewi Triangle or Roundabout), but Ibeto told Igwe Nnewi to his face that he will not comply to such directives.

Since Tuesday 15th November, 2023 question is continuously raised as to who is building fresh structures inside Nkwo Nnewi Triangle. Generally, people thought it was the Nwagbala who claims to have court order to so do, following the litigation he filled around 2012 or there about. Nwagbala family earlier claimed that his family own some part of Nkwo Nnewi Triangle and approached the court with documents under his custody after the demolition during the administration of Gov. Peter Obi.

However, Nnewi community did not pay particular attention to whatever the Nwagbala is saying as they are challenging the position of the State Government on the said piece of land after it was allegedly revoked without prior notice to Ndi Nnewi to build a shopping mall which is largely a private business and may not pass the overriding public interest test.

Bellnewsonline.com gathered that the State Government returned the land to Nnewi Community in 2017 in good fate and in the interest of piece with one or two conditions subject to the scrutiny of Ndi Nnewi. After the said return in 2017, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano the former Governor of Anambra State gave Dr. Cletus Ibeto some part of Agbo Edo Awammiri, popularly known as Ugwu Akpati Ozu which the owners are patiently waiting for him to step into it and also allegedly donated the Triangle or Roundabout land to him.

However, Sir, Augustine Onyekachukwu Ike-Ikedoji moved his team to Awka and politely reminded the State Government that the land was returned to Nnewi in 2017 and government has no power to give same land to Ibeto in 2021.

Nonetheless, what transpired this evening in Igwe Nnewi palace is an eye opener to Ndi Nnewi as Dr. Ibeto boldly announce to Igwe Nnewi that he has bought triangle from Nwagbala family and have commenced construction on the land and nobody can stop him.

Now that attention of Ndi Nnewi has been drawn to the judgment a lot of questions are begging for answers

1. At what point did Nwagbala family sold the roundabout to Dr. Cletus Ibeto, because as at yesterday morning the Nwagbalas told people that they are the one developing triangle?

2. One of the Obis rightly asked Nwagbala family who is your neighbour in roundabout ( gi na onye gbaru) ?

3. One if the elders in the meeting claimed that Nnewi settled Nwagbala family in 1956 , is Oliver Nwagbala aware of this part of history?

4. Since State Government returned the land to Nnewi in 2017, has Nwagbala family challenged that fresh status quo in court and won?

5. As at the time of reading the judgment in 2020 is the court aware of the above number four development?

6. Traditionally, who actually own the roundabout? Villages, individual, entire town or a spirit since it use to be market square in the past?

7. Is the land actually sold to Ibeto in the first place or he just wanted to flex muscle?

As at the time of filling this report, outside one of the Obis who spoke to us, other participants in the meeting keeps avoiding talking to the press, but one thing is clear, this week will not be funny in Nnewi. Ndi Nnewi appear to be ready to wrestle anybody to stand still so far the triangle land is concerned. It’s beginning to be clear that Ibeto may not be an exception.

Reacting to this development Chief Oliver Nwagbara reached out to Bellnewsonline.com to state the following:

Nnewi Triangle comprises of big portions of land owned by Nnewi community( which ownership is not in doubt) and few private properties owned by Chief Oliver Nwagbala and others.

For the purpose of clarity, the private properties are portions of lands housing *Total petrol stations, Dacon petrol stations( formally Texaco) DHL office, Federal Mortgage Banks etc* all of which are well known by any grown-up in Nnewi. Ownership of few private properties by Chief Oliver Nwagbala has never been in contest.

Recall, during the burial of late Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, Anambra State Government, cleared and demolished illegal shops in and around Nkwo Nnewi Triangle without tampering with the private properties aforementioned which they demolished months later to build a shopping mall. Consequently, Chief Oliver Nwagbala, went to court for a redress. In 2020 , a judgement of court was obtained ordering the possession of the private property to its rightful owners. This is independent of the portions owned by Nnewi community .

It’s noteworthy that there were established buildings in Dacon filling stations and Total petrol stations, etc (owners still alive) whose owners pay rents to their landlord, Chief Oliver Nwagbala until the demolition by the government. This begs the question : How can one claim purchase of land since 1956 (66 years ago) without title documents or evidence while Nwagbala family have total control including erection of buildings and collections of rents without any form of hindrance?

As at the time of adding this update some legal experts are of the opinion that Government has revoked and gazetted the entire land and later returned it to Nnewi community; thus, that document of 2017 has redefined ownership of the entire land

However, we may still need to look into the viability of the claims by Oliver Nwagbala as to the actual size of Nkwo Triangle

Stay with us for update on this matter

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