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Nze Tobe Osigwe Ezeikolomuo has revealed the reason he went from Christianity to ODINANI This peice became necessary in order to help many of my readers, friends and followers here to understand and appreciate the road to my present madness. Not that I owe any of you an explanation but as they say, History is a man’s story because it is what men do that make history. So whoever desire history to be kind to his name must endeavour to tell his story else writers of history will tell it when he is gone and they will surely do this job how they deem fit.

History of Nze Tobe Osigwe Ezeikolomuo

I was born into a strong Christian family. My father though a businessman was a Bible scholar. My mom on the other hand was a house wife and also a full time evangelist. She ensured she trained us to have the fear of God. Indeed I grew up remembering all her warnings about God always watching my very moves. These warnings helped me not to venture too far into some lifestyles easily attractive to a youth.

My mother planted several churches and mushroom ministeries. She did not open one for herself because she said God asked her never to.

Aside my mother being a fervent Christian in its practical sense not the hypocritical Christianity I see a lot of folks practice, there is my elder sister who was also a God Chaser. She loved everything about church. Most of the Christian literatures I read in my teenage years were hers. From Joyce Meyer to Kenneth Hagin, EW Kenyon, Benny Hinn, TD Jakes, David Oyedepo etc. She spent a lot of money acquiring these Christian literatures. She also introduced us, her siblings, to Winners Chapel.

In Winners I learnt a lot from Oyedepo. He widened my horizon in my quest to understand God. I think these three people, my mum, my elder sister and Oyedepo were my greatest influences as a Christian. Whatever gains I made in my early spiritual pursuit it was because of them. I find it very difficult to lie or live a double standard life because that’s a virtue I learnt from my mother. I learnt fasting from my sister and I admired Oyedepo wisdom teachings which shaped my life.

However, being a curious mind, despite the gains I made with the religion I honestly didn’t find some answers I was looking for. For example, I could not understand the Christian teaching that only Christians will go to heaven. This doctrine tortured my poor mind for years. Each time I run into a Muslim that I feel can stand shoulder to shoulder with any good Christian I know in terms of righteousness I question the rationale of such noble soul going to hell all because the person is not a Christian. No biblical explanation from people I respect could satisfy me. In fact, the more they explain the more I doubt the fairness of “God”.

As I moved on with life, especially as I study the Bible personally my doubts increased. A lot of Christian doctrines did not add up for me. But I kept quiet till I was hit with a life experience that requires “God” to come through but no show. This problem lingered for years defying every Christian faith, teaching and prayer. It was during this period my faith was severely battered because I realised Christianity does not have the answer as far as this particular issue was concerned.

It took Afa divination and a prayer with an ordinary Igbo kolanut for this knotty issue to be resolved and the storm ceased. Now, here I am, a Christian who was made to believe that the traditional ways of my people were diabolical and satanic finding a logical answer from that same demonised system. I met noble souls in Odinani whose lifestyle can match any good Christian that I respect. This was a shocker for me.

What I did thereafter was to dedicate myself to learning and understanding about Igbo tradition to find out for myself my own truth. In the course of this I bought loads of books and most importantly came in contact with Chief Hon. Nwankwo Nnabuchi. In all the books I acquired studying about several religions across the world, Nkwo’s The Red Bible stands tall amongst them. He demystified all religions, broke them down, proved that all religions are the same with no exception. The only difference is in packaging and some religions having more dogmas and doctrines than others.

During this period of my quest to find and grasp the truth I was branded a mad man because I turned my back on the society in my quest to search out the truth. Indeed, the saying you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free is very correct. I found my own truth and it sure did set me free.

More importantly, I found my identity as an Igbo person. This period I realised that many misconceptions about the ways of my ancestors were contrived, over blown, redacted and misrepresented all to supplant the old with the new.

Like a prodigal, I decided to return home. I ceased my apprenticeship and veneration at foreign altar. I stopped searching outward for what was already inward. Like Saul who met his lord on his way to Damascus and the trajectory of his life turned thereafter. In 2018 I met my own Chi and Ndi Ichie, I saw them live, since then my life changed. They changed me from Tobe to Ikolomuo. Now, my mission is to spread the good news of the ways of our ancestors as we fight for a better society rebuilt with tested values from the vaults of our ancient sages and saviours.

Nze Tobe Osigwe.


Nkpoka, Nnewichi-Nnewi.


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