My Wife Just Put To Bed Member of Unknown Gunmen Begs For Mercy

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Nigerian Army has successful captured a member of the Unknown Gunmen that has been terrorizing the people living in south eastern part of Nigeria.

The Unknown Gunman who distinguished himself as Chinaza reveals how he has been operating with other members of the Unknown Gunmen.

This event was reported on the Social media by Bellnews broadcasting platform.

They reported the incident on their Facebook page on Wednesday, 25th of May 2022.

According to them, they reported that the Nigerian military has intercepted a Gunman who distinguished himself as Chinaza in South east.

Chinaza who was identified by the Military as an Unknown Gunman terrorizing the people in eastern part of Nigeria was pleading for mercy after he was arrested by the Nigerian security forces

While pleading for mercy, Chinaza stated that his wife recently put to bed and he was excused from the camp to be with his wife who gave birth to a child.

The army also interrogated him to see if he can expose some their members and their hideouts.

We should recall that south eastern part of Nigeria has been hostile as unknown gunmen take over the region.

There are cases of people who has been murder in South East, especially in Anambra and Imo state.

The Government is at the peak of solving the problem as the army is gradually capturing the Culprits.

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