Only Tinubu is running on his own endorsement – Okolo Eteri

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As we get closer to the primaries keep in mind that BAT is the ONLY candidate that has the confidence to ride on his OWN endorsement.

The only candidate that has the courage not to redefine himself by any other characteristic apart from his own, interestingly it is others that want to be defined by him.

He is the ONLY candidate that seeks the blessings of the president after a popularity/competency contest in the party primaries.

I have ALWAYS erred on the side of hardwork, merit and due process. If I die there I would be proud to have fallen on my sword. However, I can tell you that in over 40 years these principles have never failed me. I am confident it will not fail BAT.

The primaries will be a walkover. Dear PMB I do NOT want a consensus even if your preference is BAT, let him earn it. We do not want shoeless candidates

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