Killing Our Priests Will Not Stop Us From Saying The Truth – ArchBishop Abegunrin

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IBADAN – Leaders of Catholic Bishops in South Western part of the country have decried the brutal killing of one of their priests, Rev. Fr. Isaac Achi of the Catholic Diocese of Minna by some hoodlums.

Speaking on behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province, comprising Ibadan Archdiocese, Ilorin, Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo and Osogbo Dioceses shortly after their meeting at Jubilee Conference Center, Oke Ado Ibadan, the Archbishop of Ibadan Archdiocese President, Most Rev. Gabriel Abegunrin, maintained that there are conspiracies going on to keep shut the mouth of Catholic priests from saying the truth.

Archbishop Gabriel Abegunrin also said that the killing cannot stop the Catholic Priests from speaking the truth, stressing that Catholic Priests are known for speaking the truth always, noted that those killers are just labour in vain, as they have unknowingly helped the man of God (Rev. Fr. Isaac Ashi) of peaceful transition to heaven by killing him.

“The killers in their thinking thought they can stop us from saying the truth, we are known for speaking the truth and we are not going to stop speaking the truth, the killer of Rev. Fr. Isaac Achi have succeeded in killing him but they don’t kill his spirit, his spirit will continue to speak the truth and preach the word of God.” He said.

Recall that Catholic Priest, Isaac Achi until his death was attached to St. Peters and Paul Catholic Church, Kafin-Koro, Paikoro Local Government Area of Niger was reportedly burnt to ashes by attackers.

The attackers as gathered by who could not gained access to the well-fortified building where the priest was living, set ablaze the whole building, burnt the priest alive to ashes.

Archbishop Abegunrin while reading the communiqué issued by the Catholic Bishops of Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province said, “It is with deep sorrow that we learn of the dastardly murder of yet another dear priest, Rev Fr. Isaac Achi of the Catholic Diocese of Minna, we are painfully aware that the priest has suffered the fate of many other Nigerians, some, sadly unannounced. May all the casualties of insecurity in Nigeria rest in perfect peace and may God comfort all the the bereaved who mourn them.”

“We have repeatedly commended the governors of the south west for setting up and sustaining the Amotekun Corps and others for the relatively improved security situation in the southwest, yet we note now with regret that security status of our region took a major hit last week with the kidnap of Rev. Fr. Micheal Olofinlade and all others in captivity and urge all evildoers among us to repent and work with other to build a better Nigeria.

“We urge the authorities to bolster existing security measures to safeguard life and property to add new technology and apprehend and decimate those who engage in such criminal activities in our region and all over the country. Nigerians have a right to enjoy free and safe movement wherever they lived and go and it is the sacred duty of government to make this possible, to the government at all levels, we say it is never too late to do the right because adequate security of life will have an impact on the integrity of the forthcoming general elections.

The general elections coming up between February and March 2023 nationwide offer all Nigerians a long-awaited opportunity to democratically choose their leaders for the next four years. We Bishops fully identify with suffering and pains of all Nigerians over these years while enduring numerous threats to security of life and property, cropping economic downturn and bad political leadership.”

“We share the aspirations and yearnings of all Nigerians to have new leaders who will be true patriots and servants of the people, responsive to the security and welfare of all Nigerians without discrimination.” Abegunrin said.

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