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By Don Peter Okoro.

The Presiding Bishop and General Overseer of Divine kingdom Ministries World Outreach, Umuzu- Mbana Otolo-Nnewi Anambra State, Bishop Madu Ibekwe has exploded that Nigeria cannot afford to miss it again in the forthcoming Presidential election. saying that it is either Mr. Peter Obi or Nigeria should be divided into 4 or 5 countries.

Speaking in an exclusive interview recently in Nnewi, the widely travelled Cleric was asked to analyze Nigeria as a country and he replied:” What I can say about Nigeria is that we need prayers and the grace of God. I don’t see Nigeria as a Nation.I see Nigeria as a continent of many countries. Countries that cannot understand themselves The languages, the culture, the tradition, the religious differences and different set of people that are unable to understand themselves and forge a common front.

So I can’t call Nigeria a Nation. It is a geographical expression made up of different countries. I see Nigeria as four or five countries of different ideological backgrounds coming together to fight against each other.”. Asked to proffer the solution to this, he replied:”It’s only God. Without God,man is just beating about the bush. Except He rules, man’s efforts are in futility.

We need the grace of God at this junction, especially concerning the forthcoming election. Evil things are happening at alarming rate in this country. Look at what happened recently in Ihiala where people were being slaughtered like fowls. God should come and help or else we will all perish.” On his views concerning the marginalization in the country, he replied:.

” The way I see things, less than 10% of the people run things in this country. You can imagine a country where even foreigners comes to siphon the resources. It means that the country has no men or women. It’s a taboo. Nigeria has a lot of mineral resources that can sustain even unborn generations. Go to the North and see the quantity and quality of precious stones they are mining away every day.

A gramme of it can go for up to ,$27 Million. They install Boko Haram where they mine these minerals and get rid of anyone they see around. They take away our natural resources without any question. If you try to ask questions,they eliminate you. I am so sad. It is only God that will help us. Nigeria is on the cross.” On what can be done militarily or otherwise to checkmate things, he replied:”I don’t think of military.

When I talk, I talk of the hand of God hanging down with mercy; then I will think of dividing this country. Or allowing the person that is capable of managing this country to go ahead and do it. Somebody like Mr. Peter Obi. He has been tried, proved and people have accepted him. Moslems and Christians are surrounding Peter Obi to salvage the country. He is fit, competent and capable.”

On the argument that Peter Obi has no political structure, he thundered back:” I don’t understand what people call Structure. Even sand in the ground is following him. Which structure are you looking for again? We need him, We want him to come. What is structure? Structure is when you pay people to come and stand by you and you rent crowd to grace your rallies.” Reminded that Peter Obi is under a Minority Party, he replied:” He is under a Political Party known as Labour Party, but even if you remove Peter Obi and put him in a Crayfish Party, people will still follow him, because we need him. He has what it takes.”.

On Peter Obi’s famed stinginess, he answered: “I don’t understand what you call stinginess Is it refusal to steal Nigeria’s money and share, that people call stinginess? Stinginess is when you work for someone and he refused to pay you. Do you expect Peter Obi to come and feed your family? Peter Obi is trying to share things equitably and not to rob Peter to pay Paul. For me, Peter Obi is not stingy, he is a competent and capable man.”. On Governor Charles Soludos statement that he is ready to stand surety for Nnamdi Kanu, he replied:” Very nice and good! If he can do it, kudos to him.We want that man out and healthy.”

On his own state of mind concerning the country, he answered: “Let me step up a little and tell you my greatest anger. These people, despite all the atrocities they have committed, because they feel they have the money and military might, still went ahead to hire some charlatans, clothed them in the robes of Choristers and presented them as Bishops This is a fallacy of the worst order. It is a huge abuse of power. You are running a Moslem—— Moslem Ticket, why is your eyes still on Christians? You said we are together, but you eschew working together with us. I am using this medium to tell Nigerians to be weary of any Party fielding the same Faith Ticket.It is a taboo.

Our forefathers could not have accepted it. The gods of Nigeria can never accept it. The whole money you are using in Nigeria is coming from the Christian side. and you are saying no to them. Then why not leave them to go? Don’t you know that we know that what you are sharing is from our side? Why? I am angry and I want the issue of Moslem —– Moslem Ticket to die a natural death. I don’t want it to succeed. Let it die and you can quote me anywhere!

Thank you.”

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