How Labour Party Plans To Defeat APC and PDP in Forthcoming Election. Peter Obi

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The former governor of Anambra State who goes by the name of Peter Obi, has revealed how his party which is the Labour Party has planned to defeat the APC and the PDP to win the 2023 election.

According Peter Obi, the support of workers will be needed in the forthcoming presidential election the Labour Party plans to win the election.

Peter Obi spoke recently in Abeokuta through Gen. Dr. Doyin Okupe who is his campaign Director, and he said that the PDP and the APC have expired, and therefore they will be defeated easily in the forthcoming election.

In his (Peter Obi) words he said; “The PDP was put together by our leaders and our elders, so it’s a veritable party.

According to those who came recently, rotation dosen’t matter as they undermined the essence of PDP’s existence, and that was when the PDP went out of line of future, fortune and victory.

“The PDP was good, but it has expired. The APC wasn’t a good platform, so it is has no consequence. Both parties have expired.

“The Labour party is still a very small party, but we knew that before we moved here, and the Labour Party is a sleeping giant.

“Our strategy is to reawaken the workers in Nigeria, and Nigeria will see something they haven’t seen before, we will beat the APC and PDP hands down.”

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  1. Peter obi is a virgin presidential aspirant and he is the only person that can save Nigeria from corruptive nation caused by APC And PDP Government

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