What I Will Do If Peter Obi Wins 2023 Election El- Rufai’s Son Promises Peter Obi

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Bashir El-Rufai, son of Kaduna State Governor, has left wagging after he promised to do ‘impossible’ if the Labour Party’s candidate Peter Obi wins the Nigerian presidential elections in 2023.

Bashir made the statement in response to a Twitter user, Chinedu Ikechukwu Joseph, who claimed that neither All Progressive Congress (APC) nor People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidates will win in the upcoming elections, except Peter Obi, who is aspiring for Presidency in the platform of the Labour Party. In the users word:

“Even if you don’t say it out, it’s very obvious from the way the person smiles lately on TV. APC & PDP are jokers.

Since 1998 nothing have changed in Nigeria. 2023 election will be different is either Peter Obi or everyone move on we can’t continue like this.”

In response to Chinedu’s Tweet, Bashir El-Rufai tweeted: “If Peter ever become President of Nigeria I promise to climb Zuma Rock & Aso Rock to paint “Bashir El-Rufai is a goat“

He continued: “It’ll be on the famous face etched on the rock so everyone can see & in a font and color that grasps attention & at night it’ll glow in the dark.”

Let Us Know Your Opinion – Do You Think El-Rufai Stands A Chance To Win The 2023 Presidential Elections?

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  1. Power is acquired to solve the problem of the Masses not to create More the way el rufai and his Father are doing

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