Do Not Address Turkey As Turkey Again As they are Now Officially This See What They Are Now Called.

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According to a news that was published by the BELLNEWS online this morning it was reported that, Turkey, has changed it name and also revealed the new name it wishes to be called starting from last Wednesday.

Information that was given made it known that an Ankara’s official, sent a letter to the United Nations’ New York headquarters on Wednesday, requesting to change it name from Turkey to Turkiye in all languages and yesterday, the United Nations approved it.

It was made known that the day before the official change, the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavasoglu, tweeted a photo of himself signing the letter that was addressed to UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres on his official Twitter handle.

Mevlut Cavasoglu said, “With the letter I sent to the United Nations’ Secretary General today, we are officially registering our country’s new name in foreign languages at the UN as Turkiye.”

It was made known that the country’s president, over the past two years has been on this and that, the products coming from the country will now be “Made In Turkiye” instead of “Made In Turkey.”

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