Five parts of the world that experience no night fall

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Since the earth rotates around the sun, we feel very comfortable with 12 hours in the day and 12 hours in the night, don’t we?

However, in some places, you can enjoy the sun continuously for 24 hours.

Midnight sun is a natural occurrence when the sun never sets for a period of time.

This happens in the summer in the south of the Antarctic and north of the Arctic circle.

Let us see some places where there is no night fall

1: Sweden

From the end of May to mid-July, the midnight sun illuminates the night in northern Sweden, extending your sightseeing days.

The period of steady sunlight here is for about 100 days in a year.

2: Iceland

Europe’s second largest island does not experience night fall from early May to July because the sun is above the horizon.

3: Canada

The second largest country in the world after Russia. Covered with snow during some time of the year, the country sees steady sunlight for 50 days during the summer.

4: Norway

Norway, also called the land of midnight.In the summer or from late May to late July, the sun never fully falls into the horizon in the area north of the Arctic Circle. They experience over 76 days of steady sunlight during the summer.

5: Alaska

Alaska, a state of beautiful glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Between May to June, the sun does not sink in some places here.

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