"Army Urges Nigerians: 'No Gree for Terrorists'"

“Army Urges Nigerians: ‘No Gree for Terrorists'”

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The Defence Headquarters has issued a call to Nigerians, encouraging them to resist and reject terrorists causing havoc in 2024.

Edward Buba, the Director of Defence Media Operations, delivered this message on Thursday in Abuna. He employed the popular slang “no gree for anybody,” currently trending among the youth as a catchphrase for the year.

In a commitment to addressing such concerns, Buba assured that the military would take prompt action. The Defence Headquarters emphasized the importance of citizens being vigilant about security matters and reporting any criminal activities in their surroundings to the appropriate security agencies.

Buba stated in pidgin, “Make Nigerians no gree for terrorists this year. You see something, you say something, and we assure them of doing something.”

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