Widows of Soldiers Lost in 1992 Plane Crash Urge Compensation

Widows of Soldiers Lost in 1992 Plane Crash Urge Compensation

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The widows of military officers who perished in the Hercules C130 military jet crash in Lagos on December 26, 1992, are appealing to the Nigerian military and the Federal Government for the release of their late husbands’ entitlements.

The tragic incident occurred shortly after the military transport plane took off from Lagos, resulting in the loss of all 163 individuals on board. Many of the casualties were mid-ranking army, navy, and air force officers attending a staff college course in the North.

During the distribution of palliatives to widows of deceased military officers in the South-South region at the Nigeria Army’s 6 Division headquarters in Port Harcourt, Mrs. Oghogho Musa, the wife of the Chief of Defence Staff, addressed the concerns raised by the widows.

Mrs. Folake Lasisi, representing the widows and the wife of the late Navy Commander Lasisi, who died in the plane crash, emphasized that, even after 31 years, the families of the victims have yet to receive their rightful entitlements. She highlighted the challenges faced by the surviving widows and children, including the lack of educational support or sponsorship from the government.

Mrs. Lasisi stated, “I am standing here on behalf of the widows of the Hercules C130 plane crash on 26th December 1992. We women have not been given our entitlements. Sir, after 31 years, we want to be remembered and they should review it and do something about it. Some of us have died, and some of our children have died, so please take this message back home to our mother, the mother of the nation, Mrs Oluremi Tinubu, so that the nation and the military will attend to our matter.”

She emphasized the need for a sense of belonging and support for the widows and their children, especially those facing challenges in receiving educational sponsorship.

In response, Mrs. Musa, while distributing palliatives, praised the widows for their dedication to military men who served the armed forces of Nigeria. She acknowledged their resilience and commitment, expressing gratitude for their sacrifices.

Rear Admiral I.A. Dewu, Chief of Defence Civil-Military Relations, also conveyed that the distributed items were a tangible expression of the armed forces’ support to the families of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

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