6 Reasons why you should not marry late

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Marry: Marriage is best enjoyed if the things that make life enjoyable are available. One of the best things that make life enjoyable is true love.

I am sure you were expecting me to put money first. Well, money is very important, but not as important as true love.

Many people believe that they must have all the money they want before they get married, but they do not consider their age. With each passing day, everyone gets older.

You must not have everything in life before getting married. In fact, the essence of life is “want”.

That is why you should only strive to have just enough, and not to have everything in life. If you have everything, you may lose the essence of life.

If you plan to have everything in life before getting married, you are not doing well for yourself. Below are reasons why you should not marry late.

1. You may find it difficult to adjust to some necessary things.

As a youth, you have the strength and courage to do anything. If things become way difficult for you, you can endure or handle them with your youthful strength.

But as an old couple, when there is a need to adjust, you may find it difficult to do so.

2. You may lose your zeal in life, or have it reduced.

As day goes by, we age. And as we age, we lose interest or zeal in some things. As a youth, you have zeal to do many things. You want to raise your child with your youthful strength, make money and grow as your children are growing.

But when you marry at old age, this zeal will no longer be there. The strength, determination and focus will be lost.

3. Your marriage may experience friction as you may not be able to spend quality time with your spouse.

As an old couple, you may be weak. Especially if you don’t have the money you have been chasing after, since your youthful age that led you to marry late, you will continue to struggle to make the two ends of your life meet.

But you will do this with old age while your family also depend on you.

If you had married earlier, you may have passed this stage of struggle.

4. Lack of or reduced intimacy.

As old couple, your love and priority in life will be shifted to your children. They are the only ones that matters now.

You and your partner may no longer engage in romance, especially if you already have the number of children you had planned to have.

You will no longer be close to your lover. No more attentions, no romance, no lovemaking, and of course, no more intimacy.

5. You may lose the zeal and energy to play with your children.

Playing with your children is a way of bringing them close to you. It makes them want to be around you.

At your old age, you may find it difficult to play with your children. This is a big disadvantage of late marriage.

6. You may not be able to raise your children the way you want.

As a youth, you have dreams and plans for your children. If you marry late, you may lose these dreams, and your children will be affected.

You may no longer be able to do what you wanted to do at your youth age because you are now old.

Obviously, majority of late marriages are caused by lack of money, or quest to have enough money.

In as much as it is important to have enough money before marriage, it is also important to marry early so that you can raise your children the way you want.

If you must make money before marriage, it should be the one that will be enough to take care of your family, not to have everything in the world, unless you are not of the age to get married.

The best age to get married is between 21 to 25. If you can comfortably take care of your family at the age range of 21 to 25, please get married. If you wait to have all the richest in the world before getting married, you may be getting married at your 50s.

Start now to make your children what you really want them to be

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